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The guys are delighted to welcome special guest Dario Talmesio back to the pod. Dario is research director for service provider strategy at Omdia, which means he knows a lot about the mobile business, so they start by reviewing the current state of play with 5G. Before long they meander onto various other telecoms industry talking points, before concluding by hearing about Iain’s chat with Nokia’s head of mobile networks.


The lads are delighted to welcome special guest Geoff Hollingworth, CMO of Rakuten Symphony, this week. Unsurprisingly they start by discussing all things Rakuten, including its entry into mobile and the creation of Symphony. Everyone on the pod except Scott was at the Big 5G Event in the US last week so they move on to a review of that, before finishing with a quick look at the latest Ericsson news.

电信业。com播客:BT Sport、mmWave和俄罗斯

No guest this week but we do have a special member of the audience this as the Telecoms.com empire continues to grow. The guys start by looking at BT’s latest attempt to rescue its sport division and what that says about telcos betting on content. They move on to ponder the matter of how useful millimetre wave spectrum is before concluding with a look at the effect Russia sanctions are having on the industry.


Time discipline is restored this week by the presence of another grown-up guest and the absence of beer. We’re delighted to welcome Ronan Kelly, CTO of Adtran, and get straight into his day job that focuses on fixed-line networking kit. This inevitably leads to an exploration of the arcane world of optical technology and concludes with a look at the current state of play of the global fibre market.


All pretence at time discipline is abandoned this week as the lads break the two-hour mark despite not even having a guest. The main reason for this is the decision to lead with Twitter, which opens up several other cans of worms. They eventually move on to Nokia, which recently announced its latest numbers, and conclude by trying to work out what the point of edge computing is.

采访Julia Lopez议员

In partnership with the Open RAN World event, Telecoms.com interviewed Julia Lopez MP, who is also the Minister of State for Media, Data, and Digital Infrastructure. The conversation focused on the UK government’s role in supporting and catalysing the domestic Open RAN market, as well as public policy regarding telecoms infrastructure in general.


The lads are delighted to welcome special guest Neil McRae to the pod this week, who is no less than the Chief Architect for BT. They start by exploring what such a grown-up job title entails, in the process learning a fair bit about what makes BT tick from a strategic point of view. That naturally leads onto topics like Open RAN and 5G, including concerns about the latter not being all its cracked up to be, before they conclude with a look at difficulties faced by some major streaming services.


Both Iain and Scott were carrying bugs when this was recorded but it will take more than that to keep them from their podding duties. They start by reflecting on Ericsson’s quarterly earnings announcement, specifically concerning the trouble the company is in regarding its historical activities in Iraq. Rumours of a Vodafone UK acquisition yield a chat about telco M&A before they conclude with the then breaking news of Elon Musk bidding to buy the whole of Twitter.

电信业。com播客:5G NR、回程和metaverse






5G–5年前我们在哪里?今天我们在哪里?高通公司的恩里科·萨尔瓦托里(Enrico Salvatori)谈到了数字技术在汽车技术新设计中的重要作用


高通公司的Enrico Salvatori深入研究了5G的发展和未来,并强调了互联智能边缘是成功的关键组成部分

As Qualcomm continues to increase its stake in the 5G game, Enrico Salvatori, , SVP & President, Qualcomm Europe/MEA QUALCOMM Europe, Inc. Italy Branch Office, discusses how Qualcomm will be focussing on phase two of 5G’s evolution. Now that objects can be interconnected, true evolution and digital transformation requires intelligence to be given to the devices, with end-to-end connectivity of applications and services to the cloud – otherwise known as connected intelligent edge. Edge itself will be a critical to achieving low latency, real-time and security.




作为一家提供以客户体验为中心的人工智能驱动的数字转型的软件公司,Etiya曾在巴塞罗那MWC任职,我们采访了Apostolos Kallis CCO,Etiya。他强调了他们如何帮助电信公司将其5G投资货币化,并通过创建最佳CX改进其转型过程。

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