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On June 1, 2022, the IPv6 Summit themed “IPv6 Enhanced Innovation Accelerate Digital Transformation” was successfully hosted by Informa Tech during Asia Tech x Singapore at the Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre. Thought leaders from seven leading organizations — Informa Tech, Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), IPv6 Forum […]



“体验质量”是ETSI F5G集团的主要关注点

ETSI第五代固定网络集团(ISG F5G)主席卢卡·佩桑多(Luca Pesando)表示,该集团发布了首个F5G网络架构规范,目前正专注于为用户提供“优质体验”。Pesando在接受Light Reading采访时谈到了该集团的成就和未来计划,他说ISG F5G已经完成了它设定的目标




智能自动化无线接入网络的能力是降低运营成本和改善客户体验的关键。爱立信的服务管理和协调(SMO)平台,即爱立信智能自动化平台,扩展了O-RAN联盟架构,以自动化多供应商、多技术网络,包括开放RAN、云RAN和专门构建的4G和5G RAN,但这是[…]的关键所在

WBBA Martin Creaner:宽带世代路线图计划

Recently, Informa, a well-known UK analysis and research institute, jointly held the “F5G Evolution Summit 2022” in Shenzhen with the participation of several operators, ETSI, WBBA and Huawei. WBBA Director General Martin Creaner, a guest speaker on the day, disclosed that a number of industry leading companies are cooperating to address the next generation of […]


As borders come down, operators not only gain (and need) visibility, they also gain (and need) flexibility.  In a virtualized network they get to choose what goes where. Which function should be kept in a centralized location or in the cloud? Which ones should be moved instead towards the edge? And where is the suitable […]


The disaggregated network functions of 5G with cloud RAN, Control and User Plane Separation (CUPs), network slicking, new 5G disaggregated core, edge cloud, NFV, SDN, containers, microservices, and much more will bring greater complexities, security vulnerabilities, and service visibility challenges for CSPs. Solving them will require two things: Pervasive Visibility and Smart Analytics. Download these […]


IT automation is now a strategic initiative and long-term IT strategy. The division between the stated importance of IT automation and its lack of widespread use could be due to the way these tools have historically been employed. Implementing a unified IT automation strategy is critical for companies to improve efficiencies and pursue digital transformation […]


The RIC enables the optimization of RAN resources through near real-time analytic processing and provides adaption recommendations. The RAN intelligent Controller (RIC) is cloud native, and a central component of an open and virtualized RAN network. It helps operators to optimize and launch new services by allowing them to make the most of network resources. […]

ETSI ISG F5G主席:将F5G提升到新的水平

【中国深圳】近日,英国知名分析研究机构Informa Tech在深圳联合举办了“F5G演进峰会”,ETSI、WBBA和华为等多家运营商参加了此次峰会。ETSI ISG F5G主席、ETSI董事会成员兼TIM标准经理Luca Pesando博士强调了ISG F5G在[…]期间取得的进展

Informa Tech成功举办2022年F5G进化峰会

照亮F5G演进的未来【中国,深圳,2022年4月27日】在2022年华为全球分析师峰会期间,Informa Tech成功举办了“F5G演进峰会——促进产业繁荣”。来自世界各地的知名行业组织、标准组织和著名运营商参加了此次会议。在峰会上,各方共同呼吁F5G的发展


Proximus云服务中心主任Stefan Bovy;以及红帽EMEA副总裁兼电信主管约翰·弗雷德里克森;讨论云战略、开放生态系统的重要性以及公共云中的机密计算。这些领导人讨论了云战略、开放合作伙伴关系和生态系统的关键重要性、变得敏捷的挑战以及承诺[…]




5G SA是电信服务提供商面临的最复杂和最具破坏性的技术转变之一。虽然它带来了快速的服务速度、新的企业客户垂直机会以及更低的运营成本和资本支出,但它带来了无数新的挑战。阅读本白皮书,了解运营商如何维护[…]


A container-based platform can open new opportunities for service innovation and reduce costs with greater agility and shorter time to value. Read this two-pager to discover the reasons why selecting Red Hat OpenShift is beneficial for transforming your radio access network (RAN) environment. Simplify at scale with zero-touch infrastructure provisioning Increase efficiency and lower costs […]


Recipes are the foundation of the food business and for good reasons. They help chefs assure the quality of food by using proven techniques, trusted ingredients, and prior successes. Similarly, the tech industry leans on its proven leaders. However, with new types of networks being deployed, cloud computing becomes an integral part of network infrastructures. […]


Telecommunications service providers connect the globe. Today, service providers face an evolving landscape of technologies, partners, and customer needs. To adapt to challenges, leading service providers are adopting cloud-native architectures and development models. 5G technologies and edge computing impact your entire business environment. Focusing on cloud strategy, network infrastructure, operations, and customer experiences will help […]

在线注册和流式传输F5G Evolution Summit

Join us on 27th April for at a 2-hour dedicated event. Hear from expert speakers on F5G evolution streamed live from Shenzhen, China. Fibre and fibre-based optical networks are the key technical enablers of our society’s twin transitions (green and digital), providing sustainable and cost-effective communication with high bandwidth, stability, reliability, and improved latency. At […]

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