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Telecoms.com Intelligence, the analysis arm of Telecoms.com, is our bespoke research and analysis service. Working in conjunction with clients, our intelligence experts create independent and unbiased content that raise brand awareness, drive leads and enhance thought leadership status.

All content creation services are designed as a complete marketing package. Content is published on Telecoms.com and promoted via a full-scale, multi-channel marketing campaign over 4 weeks, to drive awareness and capture leads. At the end of the campaign receive the full contact details of everyone who has downloaded your piece of content.

By working with Telecoms.com Intelligence you benefit from a professionally designed, co-branded piece of content, which can be used time and time again for your own marketing purposes to educate your target audience.

Telecoms.com Intelligence content creation services include:

Whitepapers (exclusive)

Created to highlight your company’s products and/or solutions, the content of a whitepaper is written by our Telecoms.com Intelligence team in conjunction with your company. Share information and insight on your chosen business, products, or technology area.

Survey Reports (exclusive)
Gain valuable insight into your market by conducting a survey of our database on the topic of your choice. The Telecoms.com Intelligence team convert the survey results into a co-branded report with graphs and charts.

每月简报会是对一个热门行业话题的深入分析,旨在与两家电信公司联名。com智能和您公司的徽标。每个主题在每个月初发布,选择与下个月举行的关键行业活动相一致。我们的联合品牌电信。com Intelligence Report是您品牌的完美展示,设计为完整的营销解决方案。



Wei的职责包括为电信公司管理和制作优质内容。com情报,承担特殊项目,支持内部和外部合作伙伴。Wei的研究和写作一直跟随着电信行业的心跳。他最近发表的长篇出版物涵盖的主题从5G及其后、边缘计算和数字转换,到人工智能、电信云和5G设备。魏还定期为电信公司捐款。当他戴上他的技术记者帽时,他会看到com新闻网站和其他组标题。Wei在亚洲和欧洲的电信生态系统中拥有20年的经验,无论是在企业方面还是在专业服务方面。他的前雇主包括诺基亚和Strategy Analytics。Wei毕业于伦敦经济学院。他会说英语、法语和汉语,并精通芬兰语和德语。他在电信公司工作。com的伦敦办事处。

For more information on working with Telecoms.com Intelligence, please contact: [email protected]

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